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Michelle Lacey

“You’ve changed my life” 

I remember the first time I said this to a physiotherapist when I could walk again after ankle surgery. I remember the first time I heard a patient say it to me after they had been out gardening for the first time since their back surgery, they felt alive again. I love what I do and helping people! I am so passionate about helping people achieve their personal goals, whether it’s to get out playing with the kids / grandkids or running a personal best in a marathon or getting back into action to play a match. Pain and injury, big or small, can affect all aspects of our lives. Not only is physiotherapy and exercise therapy essential to injury recovery, its essential to keeping us healthy. Exercise is Medicine. 

A bit about Michelle…..

Michelle loves reading about research and the latest evidence-based assessments and treatments for physiotherapy, sports performance and sports and exercise medicine. She has completed a BSc in Sports Science, a BSc in Physiotherapy, an MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Trinity College Dublin, of which she published her thesis and presented it at the national Faculty in Sports and Exercise Medicine Conference. She has completed a Professional Diploma in Clinical Leadership from the RCSI and in July 2024 will be a National Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Michelle is working to attain MSK Advanced Practice Accreditation, which is the highest recognised standard of excellence in Chartered Physiotherapy at present. 

She has over 20 years experience in the sports industry, over 13 years’ experience as a physiotherapist, which she has specialised in musculoskeletal and sports physio since 2013. This has included work across hospitals in Ireland, Central London’s largest teaching hospitals, private practice, with the 2012 Olympics, and with international teams such as Saracens Rugby. She has written articles for various journals and newspapers.

Michelle is a keen sports person having played football for Dublin and ran numerous marathons, including coming 13th on the Great Wall of China Marathon (9hrs 20. Mins).  Her current goals for 2024 are to return to running after injury and complete a 10km.